Local Communities

Ernslaw One employs some 45 staff and over 400 contractors nationally.  As much of Ernslaw One's forests are located in isolated areas, the local communities provide a large part of the workforce, and Ernslaw One has a contributing effect on the economics of the local community.

Ernslaw One also contributes to communities outside of the standard business relationships and some examples of supporting the local communities in other ways include:

  • Donation of land for International Curling Arena in Naseby
  • Maintenance of walking tracks at Naseby plus luge and cycle tracks
  • Dusky Dust Buster - mountain bike event
  • White Hill Classic - mountain bike event
  • Gowan Hill Classic - mountain bike event
  • Scholarship for students studying at School of Forestry, University of Canterbury
  • Recreational opportunities for local communities
  • Desert Storm Motor-Cross event
  • Sponsorship of the Whakamanu Wildlife Trust Kiwi program

For those utilising Ernslaw Forests during The Roar, please read this safety advice.