Growing for tomorrow - the new generation

Ernslaw One's business operations are driven by the forest growing cycle.  Since the company is committed to sustainable harvesting and developing greater economies of scale in regional areas of New Zealand, its planting programmes are at the very root of its business.  A commitment to tree breeding research ensures that Ernslaw One will reap the long-term benefits of improved growth and form from the very outset of the forest growing cycle.  Ernslaw One is a member of Future Forest Research, an organisation committed to the development of the New Zealand forest industry through a range of research programs.

Oregon Nurseries, a Tiong Group owned New Zealand company, based in Oamaru, is one of the largest containerised Douglas fir seedling nursery operation in New Zealand.  Ernslaw One is pioneering the use of containerised Douglas fir seedlings in New Zealand.  Seedlings are grown in an ideal computer-controlled environment, with feeding and irrigation automated by a sophisticated monitoring system.  Research indicates that seedlings can be produced in one season instead of the traditional two, and that the incidence of transplant shock is greatly reduced.

Dusky Forest Seed is an Ernslaw One business unit that provides improved Douglas-fir seed via a seed orchard,  other conifer seed via seed stands and native seed collected from the Ernslaw estate.

Ernslaw One also contracts several other nurseries throughout New Zealand to produce Radiata pine seedlings and cuttings.