Environmental Management

Ernslaw One firmly believes in caring for the environment, and strives to ensure that its forest and timber processing operations meet the requirements of sound environmental management.  Its plantation forests are managed as a sustainable resource.  Its operational methodology and technology are regularly reviewed to ensure that they measure up to the best current environmental practice.  Ernslaw One requires strict observance of environmental guidelines from its contractors.  These guidelines are developed in partnership with local authorities, and often exceed Resource Management Act requirements.

Ernslaw One is also committed to not just management of the tree crop, but management of rare, threatened and endangered species found within our forests. These include kiwi, native frogs, and native snails. Further detail of some of these programmes is attached.  Further information on Rare, Threatened and Endangered (RTE) Species can be found on the New Zealand Forest Owner's threatened species website.

Ernslaw One recognises the cultural and historical values that occur within the forest. The company is committed to management of archaeological sites within our forest, both Maori and non-Maori. There is close involvement with local iwi, archaeologists and the Historic Places Trust with regard to managing known sites and new sites as they are discovered. The majority of sites on Ernslaw One land are distributed between the Whangapoua and Naseby Forests.